Birthdays Aren’t Just About You

In case you missed the 291 photos I posted to Facebook of Jack’s 2nd birthday party, I’ll give you a little recap.  Jack turned two, and we had a Chugga Chugga TWO TWO party for him.  I know.  SO LAME.  My twenty two year old self is hardcore eye-rolling right now, but she also doesn’t have a beautiful munchkin nugget whose birth must be celebrated by the masses.  When deciding which theme to choose, I laid out options for Jack.  We were going to have a Ball Party or a Choo Choo Party or a SHOES Party.  In Jack’s very long two years, these are the things he holds most dear.  So, I put a ball, a shoe, and a choo choo on the floor in front of him and asked which one he wanted as his party theme.  I’ve already given away his decision.  He picked up the train and to Amazon Prime we went.

Before Jack turned one, I had always looked at these elaborate birthday parties for toddlers that my fellow Facebook friends had produced, and thought, “THEY POOP THEIR PANTS.  THEY HAVE NO IDEA IT IS THEIR BIRTHDAY.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?”  There was no way I was going to spend my time and money on a party my child wouldn’t even remember.  Next thing I know, Jack’s first birthday was coming up.  I decided I at least needed a theme, so I went with Mickey Mouse.  I looked on Pinterest for ideas for his cake.  A few hours later, I was making mouse ear party hats and googling Disney font.  Somehow, I turned this simple family get together into a major event featuring Daisy’s Deviled Eggs and Mouse Cheese.  I loved every second of it.  For a girl who selected music and programs for her wedding (and literally nothing else) discovering this side of me was amazing.

Rick and Jack Mouse Ears
Jack’s First Birthday

Flash forward a year and I have accepted that for some reason, I REALLY get into my child’s birthday.  His presents cost us a grand total of $25 because he already had so much from Christmas.  Jack didn’t need MORE STUFF, but I still got majorly into the theme.  We invited people other than family this year and it was such a blast.  Four of Jack’s closest friends were able to attend and except for cake and presents, I barely saw the birthday boy.  He was playing with his new gifts and riding the choo choo like a boss.

Jack's 2nd Birthday
Jack’s Second Birthday

Jack has no idea what a birthday is.  I don’t think he even knew we were celebrating him. I’m pretty sure his friends thought we were celebrating THEM as they helped us rip through presents and break in toys.

Jack's Gifts

So, while Jack had a great time, and Mommy had a great vodka cran, I’ve realized that the reason I want to give Jack a great theme and a great party is really because it’s a special day for ME.  I know that is incredibly self-absorbed, but Jack’s birthday isn’t just about Jack.  Jack’s birthday is the anniversary of the day we became a family of three.  It was the day I had a baby, and Rick and I became parents.  It was a really, very important day for the three of us.  It’s been TWO YEARS since we had our little boy.  Two years since our lives changed forever.  Two years since I was a scared, new, emotional, clueless mommy.  Two years since I stopped sleeping past eight o’clock indefinitely.  It seems like a few days ago.  Seriously.  It seems like less than a week since I was worried because Jack wasn’t holding his head up yet, or crawling, or walking, or talking.  Now, he’s over here attacking bubbles like they’re his best friend AND his worst enemy.


Okay.  Maybe I just wanted all my friends to come over and have some drinks and eat some food and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Maybe the only time I can talk myself or my husband into throwing a party is for our son-because he is pretty special to us.  Maybe, I just wanted to chill like this little boy in his shades:

Buzzed Cannon


Whatever the reason, I found out at the ripe age of 28 that I really enjoy throwing my child birthday parties.  By 29, I discovered that I enjoy inviting lots of people to them.  Maybe by 30, Jack will understand what his birthday actually is, and then it’ll be a little more about him-and a little less about us.  For now, though, I raise my vodka cran and say, “Cheers to us, baby!  I pushed, you escaped, your daddy got sick, and we’re all still here!  Happy Birthday, Jack.  You’re my favorite son.”


2 thoughts on “Birthdays Aren’t Just About You

  1. I LOVE reading your blog. You will be so, so happy that you have recorded these memories and can relive them when Jack is grown. My son is now 39. What I wouldn’t give to have a written record of his growing up years. Thanks for sharing.

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