Peggy With The Good Hair

Ms Peggy cropped

Hi.  My name is Becca Devens, but I’m right now I am representing Webecca Boys circa 1991 and when I talk about Peggy Reeve, I am mostly talking about Peggy Lamar who lived on Commerce street in the red house behind the pond next to the nursing home.  I am Sarah’s best friend and RG’s pretend sister and I have known Ms. Peggy since I was four years old.   I don’t remember the first time we met because to me Ms. Peggy has just always been there.

As many children do, Sarah and I each had a fun parent and a scary parent.  We were both in agreement that my mother and her father (Mr. Bob) were the scary parents and my father and her mother (Ms. Peggy) were the fun parents.  Continue reading


The Point


“Why are we here and Hobbes is in Heaven?  Why do we have to go to school and boys and girls in Heaven don’t? Why are we here if the Earth is not that great and Heaven is perfect?” my five year old son asks me with tears in his eyes.  I would usually say he was doing his usual bedtime filibuster, but we did just lose our precious dog, Hobbes, a little over a month ago.  The terrible understanding that death is permanent has hit Jack earlier than I had hoped. Continue reading