Right On The Line

It’s that time again.  Every other year or so, I get back to that scary little area between “normal” and “overweight”.  I am short only .2 points from being overweight.  Some people’s immediate response to this is, “If you’re overweight then what am I?!”  Well…the answer is that you’re probably also overweight.  Duh.  It’s not my fault.  I didn’t make the rules.  Usually, I weigh myself weekly.  If I’ve gained a few I try to eat right for a few weeks and go back to where I was, but this year.  Oh man, ya’ll.  This year, I just walk right by that scale on my way to a bubble bath thinking, “I’ll check on that later.  I don’t have time.” Continue reading


Rowan-The Spunky Preemie

About five days ago, I was texting my friend Maggie.  We were joking about how our husband’s don’t seem to notice when we buy new decorative items around the house.  “I bought a lamp, a runner for the garage door, and a giant rug for the bathroom today.  The lamp is beside his spot on the couch and he has walked on BOTH rugs.  Nothing.  HOW DO YOU MISS A LAMP?!” I texted.  Maggie said, “Lol…Sorry, boo.  If you want him to notice, tell him.  Or you’ll have to get over it.”  A few emoticons and “husbands don’t notice things we could buy a car” later, I read this: “I just gushed water.  Should I be worried?” Continue reading