Journal: 11/2/15

Jackson Braxton Milk

Today was day one of keeping a newborn and a toddler together.    When Jack (20 months) was Braxton’s age (3 months), it was extremely difficult for me to carry him for long periods of time.  In fact, I’d say around 3 months is when my back started hurting me daily.  A few months later, it went away having built enough muscle to prepare for his next weight gain.  I couldn’t really do baby carrying.

Now, though, I’m used to toting around a GIANT baby.  So, Braxton was like carrying a chihuahua puppy around in a Baby Bjorn.  We had one major meltdown that I later figured out was Braxton trying to tell me that he needed to take a two hour nap, but everything else was easy peasy.

Well, not easy, but not as intense as I had thought it might be.  Jack wanted to make Braxton laugh so he kept getting in his face and scaring the sweet poo out of him.  His little startle reflex would kick in and he would look at me like, “WHY ARE YOU LETTING HIM DO THIS?” and whimper long enough for me to bounce him back to happiness.  Jack also wanted to feed Braxton, but only on his terms.  He would feed him-then stop-then feed him some more.  I took over and Jack got a little upset, but was quickly distracted by a miraca.  *Thank you, Jesus, for the miraca.  Amen.*

Before Braxton’s Daddy came to get him, I had dinner in the oven and a clean diaper on both babies.  That-is a victory indeed.  Jack took two naps and went to bed by seven.  The only downside to this temporary job is that I had no time to do anything else.  Usually, I can clean while Jack’s playing, but I couldn’t really do that with Braxton.  Infants just require more attention.  My mom would tell me that I could put him down and let him cry while I clean, but that’s just not in my DNA.  MUST.  KEEP.  ALL.  BABIES.  HAPPY.

I felt a little guilty that I couldn’t give Jack all of my attention, but also realize that maybe it’s good for both of us if I don’t coddle him as much.  He was crying and pointing at the counter today wanting something while I was feeding Braxton.  For the first time ever, I didn’t get up to see what he wanted.  I told him he needed to learn some words because I don’t have time to stand at the counter and guess right now.  Perhaps, Braxton will motivate Jack to speak up to get the things he needs?

Jack is sleeping and Braxton’s mommy reports that he is out for the night, too.  I just might go lie down early to prepare for day two of the Jackson/Braxton duo.  Their names rhyme.  Isn’t that cute?










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