Journal: 11/1/15

This weekend was awesome-sauce.  There were so many big things.  Let’s start with Friday.


My husband usually works midnight to 9AM, but due to some quick schedule changes, had to cover for his TV station’s local football show.  He used to be a sports anchor, so it wasn’t a big deal, except that it kind of messed up his schedule.  He was just getting over a cold and today, it seems to be coming back.  I think his body is confused as to whether it’s travelled through time or not and thinks it was supposed to still be sick.  While he went into work, we bought a house!  I didn’t get to see him until later that night to celebrate.


Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of the two of us from Friday night.  We met up with some friends (old and new) and had a great time at the bar we met at six years ago.  Rick had the hiccups.  Someone told him to have me cover his ears while he drank seven sips of water.  I’m not sure if this was believed to work, but after two vodka crans I just kind of went with it.

Kristen, Amyre, Becca

Kristen and Amyre were kind enough to celebrate with us.  Kristen and I used to go out all the time before life got so busy.  Amyre and I have never hung out without the boys so it was refreshing.  It’s good to know she’s fun outside of our playdates.

Dad hung out with Jack so Rick could meet me at BJs after work.  It was so nostalgic.  I used to wait for him at BJ’s all the time while he finished up his sports shift.  What a great time and place to celebrate buying our first house.

While Rick worked, I met up with Mom and Dad and Kristen at the new house.  My parents and Jack and I went out to eat afterwards-another wonderful thing that doesn’t happen that often.

The Boys Family


Jack’s second Halloween!  We drove down to Hawkinsville to trick-or-treat in my old neighborhood.  Mom and Dad both went with us.  Jack was in the world last year, but this is the first Halloween that he has really participated in.  He went up to each person and put his candy in his bag.  He didn’t put that bag down ONCE.  My baby guarded his candy very closely, just like his Mommy.

Family Halloween 2015

Jack was a super rad biker dude this year and I was his biker chick.  Call me Beverly Goldberg because I plan to match Jack’s Halloween costume every year until I’m dead.  Daddy was Michelangelo.  I was impressed with his dedication to wearing his mask under his glasses all night.


So, Halloween night, Jack stays with Grandee.  Originally, Rick and I had planned on going out and dressing up, but by the time we got home from our insanely busy day, we were pooped.  There was a time when I could stay out all night with no problem.  Instead, I enjoyed a bubble bath and passed out by midnight.


At 4AM, I get a phonecall from my supervisor.  Her name is Dot.  In my sleepy stupor, I read the name “Dad” instead of “Dot”.  I thought something must have happened and that he was calling me from the ER.  When I heard a woman’s voice, I thought it was a nurse at the hospital calling from Dad’s phone and panicked.  Then, she starts asking me to come in and I figure out what I have done.  I have answered the dang phone at 4AM, and I have absolutely no excuse not to come into work except, ” I don’t want to.  I’m sleeping.”  She says she would come in except that she’s in Warner Robins.  I say “Okay.” and get up.  While I’m getting dressed, I realize I live further away than she does, but whatever.  People can pretty much get me to agree to anything when I’m half asleep.  Luckily, no one asked me for money.

So, I go to work and hand out meds late (later than they’re used to….not legally late).  Everyone is mad at me because none of the residents remembered that the time changed, so they think I’m SUPER late.  Whatever.  It was just two and a half hours of work.

When I got home, I went back to bed.  Rick went to the new house to bug bomb and replace some boards in our fence.  Isn’t that so “married with a house” of him?  Swoon.  My baby’s fixin’ fences and stuff with his man tools.  Swoon again.

Later, we met Mom and Jack at The Rookery.  I had the BLT with goat cheese and fried green tomatoes.  IT. IS. SERIOUSLY. THE. BEST.  One of those sandwiches that makes you feel like a hipster-foodie, but in a totally respectable way.  Jack, as usual, was an angel, only whining when Mom had a chocolate milkshake he wanted.  She had to hide it behind condiments and special signs.  Again, he is just like his Mommy-who is just like her Mommy.

Now, Jack and I are chilling out watching Paw Patrol.  I have laundry to do, but all is right in the world.  Rick will get back to his regular schedule tonight and hopefully wake up without a cold.  Tomorrow, I get to keep Braxton (newborn baby) for the entire day.  I’m hoping for a positive journal entry at the end of that day!  Fingers crossed.


P.S. The best part of the whole weekend wasn’t seeing Jack trick-or-treat, having dinner with my happily divorced parents, enjoying a night out with my husband, or buying our first house. It was seeing my long lost friend Robert. I’ve missed him so much. He was there the night Rick and I met so it was only appropriate to celebrate our first house with him, too. We were only missing Dre and Damon. 







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