The Importance Of Journaling

This is kind of a “Heads up!  Things might get boring, soon!” post.  Today, I was looking back at my son’s very first day in the world.  I don’t even remember him looking so tiny.  When I think about holding him, I picture an entirely different person.  The Jack I know morphed into himself around six months old.  So, I started thinking about other events in my life and wishing I remembered exactly what my thoughts were in that moment.  I’ve found a few journals from my childhood that are absolutely fascinating.  At the time, I was just writing about my day.  Who I played with.  Why I am grounded.  Who I have a crush on, etc.  Now, though, it’s so interesting to read my mindset as a twelve year old.  I want to document my life somewhere so that one day, I will have left a record of my existence.  Maybe I’ll be able to see the moment I changed perspectives or turned directions on my path.

I started blogging to write what I thought were entertaining posts.  I want to continue to do that, but I also want to be able to look back at a specific date on my timeline and remember each detail about it.  When Jack is an adult, I want to show him what life was like when he was 462 days old, or 1,236 days old, or FOURTY YEARS OLD.  I want all of it.

So, I’m going to start journaling each day.  I will mark these posts with the title “Journal: Insert Date Here”.  So, if you want to read my day-to-day, feel free, but if you’re waiting for something funny or inciteful, I’m giving you the option to skip those particular posts.  My life (while fulfilling) isn’t incredibly exciting.  Stay tuned or tune out.

Thank you and you’re welcome.






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