My New Job

I haven’t really talked too much about my new job because I was afraid it was too good to be true.  Having actually worked it a few weeks and gotten good feedback from my new boss, I think it might finally be safe to mention.  When Jack was born, Rick and I both wanted me to stay at home as much as possible.  I was a daycare baby (and obviously turned out totally fine), but for some reason, it was just something I wanted.  When I actually met my child, I KNEW it was something I wanted.  When he turned six weeks old and I didn’t have to go back to work, I was elated.  I was exhausted and happy and fat and miserable and my body was nowhere near fully recovered from birthing a human being.  I remember thinking about the many women who (by choice or by need) send their infants to daycare and return to full time at six weeks.  How do they do it?!  I didn’t get a full night’s sleep for the first six months of Jack’s life.  I can’t imagine adding a full time job to the mix.  It is seriously insane to me that six weeks is the norm.  

That being said, I’ve had several friends and family members tell me that they couldn’t wait to go back to work.  They were miserable dealing with a crying infant all day and enjoyed the “break”.  To each her own.  What worked for us was me staying home.  I give my parents a lot of crap for not giving me a sibling, but I wonder if being an only child is what allowed being a SAHM to be less lonely than it seems to be for others.  There were days, of course, when I wanted adult interaction quite badly, but I’ve never felt that lonely despair that so many mommy blogger’s write about.  The only total “con” about our newborn was that my husband worked nights, so I had no one to help me in the middle of the night, which means I really did sleep when my baby slept.

Woah.  Tangent.  Sorry.  We were talking about my job.  So, I’ve worked part-time since Jack was about 6 months old on the weekends when I could.  I’ve wanted Jack to have the opportunity to go to pre-schools and socialize, but it really wasn’t in the budget.  Working weekends would pay for that, but then we’d have zero fun money.  And what’s the point of working if you can’t have any fun?  I could work full time and send him to daycare at my old job, but the whole point of us wanting me to stay home was that I want to be with my child-a lot.  By the time I worked, paid for gas to get to work and paid for daycare, the money I took home wouldn’t be worth the time I lost with my son.

Well, whatd’ya know?  Somehow, I heard about a position opening for a….drum roll please….adult incontinent care company!  It is a part time position and pays enough for me to send my kid to daycare, see him frequently, and have a little fun money left over.  Requirements?  Nurse.  Long term care experience.  Charisma.  DING DING DING.  This job was pretty much made for me, you guys.  I’ve only worked it a few weeks, but I really like the people I’m working for and I’m enjoying the job.  People have asked what I do there and it just isn’t that interesting.  I assess.  I drive a lot.  I talk to people.  I teach.  I write things down.  It doesn’t sound that amazing, but I actually enjoy ALL of those things.

After a week of total hell in daycare, Jack has already come around.  Today was the first time I dropped him off without us both crying.  He’s making friends and I am overjoyed.  This whole daycare/job thing has also come at such a convenient time since I’m pretty sure Jack is entering the terrible twos.  He’s been a total jerk to me for no reason.  It’s nice to be able to drop him off and get a breather for a few hours.  I’m saving my angry two year old post for another day as I need a few more days of stories to share so stay tuned.

Anyway, sorry this wasn’t the clever, funny, post you might have hoped for, but I thought I’d update the folks who were asking about our new situation.  Things are going so well that I am just waiting to wake up.  Somebody pinch me.  No, wait.  Don’t.



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