My Crazy Night Out

cinco de mayoWe are visiting my home town this week.  Jack and I have accidentally turned a one night trip into three.  Rick is working on his sweeps package and is recovering from his recent dance off for a great fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association.  I got to spend one evening with two of my very best friends.  We went to the only Mexican restaurant in our tiny town to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Maggie, Kristen, and I at one point all lived in the same place and spent hours at a time doing nothing together on a regular basis.  We were always good at nothing.  That’s how you know you’ve reached the ultimate comfort level.  When friends turn to family.  When girl dates turn to watching The OC reruns until some minor responsibility needs to be carried out.  Last night, we had planned on having some drinks and painting our nails.  Things were supposed to get loud.  Dancing and song bursts were supposed to occur.

There was a time when I would meet up with my friends every. single. day.  We would go to Macon and party or just sit on the porch and go to bed at 2 or 3 AM.  Then, I’d get up at 5AM to go work at The Horseshoe, a family owned country cookin restaurant.  Life was so carefree.  It didn’t matter that I’d only gotten two hours of sleep.  I didn’t have a husband or a baby.  It was just me.  I got to nap at the end of my shift if I wanted.  Usually, I didn’t.  I’d go back to my friends and do nothing and I enjoyed it.

Anyway, last night, we went out for drinks with our friend Amber.  We had a good time.  I had half a pina colada and a delicious shot of Bailey’s.  We went back to Kristen’s apartment and lied on the couch (and the floor).  I was eating Tum’s like they were candy and trying so hard to keep my eyes open.  I wasn’t drunk.  I was sleepy and nauseous.  Because I’m older now.  There were no song bursts.  We didn’t even have the energy to paint our nails.  This is why doing nothing was important when we had no responsibilities.  We had practiced in the event that our future selves just couldn’t party like we once did.

I’m so glad to have my wonderful husband and my beautiful baby.  I love being a wife and a mother.  I love being needed so deeply by my son.  It’s good to have my party memories to look back at and know that I didn’t miss out on anything.  I’m so fortunate to have a meaningful life and feel like I have a purpose.  I am blessed to have friends who will always be good at doing nothing with me because one day that will be all I can do.


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