The KKK Are People Too

I’ve been avoiding reading about the Confederate flag controversies lately.   Between that, the Marines in Chattanooga, ISIS, and Planned Parenthood, I just need a break.  When my husband told me about the KKK hiding in a parking garage in South Carolina, however,  I had to look it up.  I’m so glad I did.  It was a moment of entertainment amongst a lot of serious crap piles.  Click HERE to watch the video.

Have you ever seen Django, Unchained?  It was seriously incredible.  I am a huge Tarentino fan, but my mother would tell you he is THE WORST.  Anyway, there is a scene in the movie that immediately came to mind when I saw the KKK hiding in a parking garage.  The language is so foul that I cannot talk myself into posting a link here, but you can look it up if you so desire.  As they prepare for a raid, a group of klansmen stop on their horses to discuss their plans and end up getting in an argument over whether or not they were going to wear bags over their heads or not.  Although it was in a negative light, it kind of humanizes members of the KKK.  It reminds the viewer that they probably had conversations and disputes within the clan about how hard one member’s wife worked on making their pillowcase head ware or how difficult it is to see out of them.  I did find another funny and clean link HERE that makes me wonder what in the world the KKK in this century actually does discuss in their little meetings.  Do they have coffee and doughnuts?  Potluck dinners?  Do they get together for family picnics and fall festivals-and what were the members of the KKK saying to each other as police protected them in the parking garage in South Carolina?

It is important to note that there are many KKK groups all over the country and they each have their differences. The group that was rallying in South Carolina a few days ago calls themselves the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. I was curious as to whether or not they had a website that explained their stand on things, for example, the confederate flag.  They do have a website, and they even explain why they think the only people living in America should be Christian and white, but there isn’t one statement mentioning the events in South Carolina.  What I found most endearing is that they base their entire organization on Jesus and his teachings.  For example, when Jesus was all like, “Love only the people in your own race.”  KIDDING.  He didn’t say that, but the Imperial Wizard Chris Barker believes it.  He believes that because one verse of the Bible (Leviticus 19:18) says you should love the children of your people that you aren’t required to love anyone outside your own race.  He outlines his reason for hating the Jews and why Jesus definitely was NOT a Jew on the website’s conveniently located Jew page.  The best part of their website is where they claim that they aren’t a hate group, but have an entire page dedicated to hate-jokes.  I can’t even make myself post the link.  I’m sorry, folks.  You’ll have to look it up.  I really don’t need the KKK to see that people are finding their website through a stay-at-home-mom’s blog post. The chatroom has a really cute little warning before you enter:

on the chatroom page
on the kkkknights chatroom page

I think you get the point, folks.  These people are hateful.  We all pretty much already knew that.  They use the flag of the confederacy not to “discriminate” they say, but to represent white power.  When your entire organization is based on having an all Christian whites-only country and sending black people “back to Africa”, and your ladies only page proudly displays happy reminders not to become pregnant by a person outside of your race, you are discriminatory.

Happy Race Mixing Reminder from the LOTIES page.
Happy Race Mixing Reminder from the LOTIES page.

I think it’s strange to claim that you aren’t hateful when you so obviously are-but you know what?  That is your right.  You are allowed to hate whoever you want as long as you aren’t committing a crime against them and you are allowed to wave your flag of “heritage”, but I also have the right to make fun of you.  And when I saw you hiding in a parking garage in South Carolina and saw those police officers, some of whom were black, leading you to safety, I laughed so hard my lungs fell out.

When I saw Officer Leroy Smith holding your dehydrated, swastika-bearing, body as he helped you walk to shelter and water, I cringed.  How could he even stand to touch you?

Officer Leroy Smith and KKK member Courtesy: Rob Godfrey
Officer Leroy Smith and KKK member Courtesy: Rob Godfrey

Then, I thought, maybe it’s because he knows that there is something wrong with you.  Maybe Officer Smith knows from being an policeman, the same way I know from being a nurse, that you simply can’t argue with crazy.  Maybe he knows that you are people, too.  You have rights, and whether he believes in them or not, he signed up to protect you.  I believe in everyone’s right to feel however they want and believe whatever they want. I’m certainly not going to try to take your right to hate away from you.  I’m not even going to hate you.  But, I will always wonder what you were saying to each other in that parking garage.  I will always wonder what the dehydrated klansman said to his buddies after the black cop saved him from heat stroke.  I will always think of you, hiding out in that parking garage, and laugh.


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